First blog post

A week before starting this blog I wanted to say this (wasn’t prepared to face the wrath of yor reaction):

Literally from the second day of being married to you I felt like this:

I didn’t understand why you’d apologise, laugh at me when I’d say it was okay and then take back the apology exactly 24-48 hours later. This explains your behaviour:

I have spent every waking moment and 90% of my nights wondering WTF was wrong with me.

I tried to find an solution in my faith, there are so many quotes and success stories of religious marriages; so was I in the wrong inspite of living life properly within my limits to date? Or was it true that there was no such thing as God and I had spent my whole life believing in some bogus.

I need a place to share my feelings even about the most randomest things without any judgement or fear – having been told to not use my brain by you many a months. Hopefully this will help me gather my thoughts and feet.

The Daily Post


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