White Rice

Spent a few minutes trying to work out a name for the blog.

Figured I’d do the typical asian thing and think of something I do every day.

It was a little easier in the moment to look at what I eat everyday or what I was craving that moment. .. white rice.

To make this a little more interesting and also because I didn’t feel like hitting the sack just yet, I decided to google variations of rice –

  • white rice,
  • brown rice; and
  • Basmati rice.

Needless to say, this was the first time I had laughed from the bottom of my heart in months!

Image for brown rice – 

Images for weight loss and low GI recipes were expected.

Image for Basmati rice – 

I should’ve expected to see multiple images and links to Bollywood actresses and family adverts by various Indian brands …

Image for white rice –

Now this was a little interesting because the images were a mix of Bollywood actress adverts,  china bowls and chopsticks followed by hungry asian anime girls eating rice.

This one image was funny, spot on and describes my favourite rice (#no joke this is how I cook my rice)

Either way gotta say –


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