Penchant for Prayer

For as long as I can remember (perhaps I was five or six), I have prayed internally.

If it was a beautiful day, I’d smile internally and thank the Goddess for such a beautiful day.

If itnwas pouring buckets and I was drenched, I’d pray asking Goddess to halt the rain for a bit while I sought shelter or atleast help me see the joy in that moment.

Sounds silly I know but I had gotten so used to having the Goddess in my thoughts and being mindful of sharing my ups and downs with her for she is the eternal mother.

In my moment of need, a million miles away from my family when he told me to get out of the house and chucked my clothes on the floor; lack of reception on the way to the airport which is atleast 2 hours away; you my Goddess Mother have given me courage. Amidst the mess, you gave me the strengtht to stand my ground and insist that I was not leaving the house and if he wanted me to get out, I would be more than happy to be escorted out of thw house by the Police.

Thank you to my parents for showing me there is a God. Thank you Lord for being there for me through the good, bad and worst.

It was my penchant for prayer that has kept me sane, alive and breathing.

via The Daily Post – Penchant


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