I discovered the taste of mulled wine on Charles bridge many a years ago.It was cold chilly night, we were admiring the view from the bridge and promised each other that we would return with our future partners.

Little did my mate and I know that while this adventure would remain deeply seated in our hearts life has another plan for us altogether.

She pursued her career in law and I ventured off to become a corporate slave. She broke up with her boyfriend then and is now married to a man whose family’s background is in law.

I on the other hand, savoured that taste of mulled wine and purused my career only to end up in a failed marriage with a man who; screamed and yelled at me for things only to tell me hours later that it gives him no pleasure to yell at me for it is I who make him do that. My actions were so despicable and for I do the wrong things most time that he behaves that way with me (apparently he’s perfectly alright with his friends) hmm.

Last night, I had a glass of mulled wine at an eatablishment. Life since that moment in Praha has eveloved significantly like the corridors of Praha. You never knew at what turn what surprise awaited you.

Throughout this journey, I had trusted in my own judgement and had the Goddess guide me. In the matter of marriage however, the man was chosen by my family (in which I too had played a part) along with the decision to marry.

This costly decision (and it is a decision not a mistake because I had previously listened to my folks’s choice until the last second when I had finally put my foot down amd said no) has left a strong taste in my mouth that may take many a years before I can become used to it.

I suppose maybe one day if I can come out of this mess, be sane again and maybe fifty, sixty year from now find a decent bloke; hopefully we’ll make our way down the streets of Prague one day..

Flavourful via The Daily Post


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