Vote Yes

We have just been afforded the opportunity to have our say on the legalisation of same sex marriage.

While, most decide on whether or not they’d like to voice their opions (either hipster like or bigoted) via a postal vote (lest we be judged to say what we truly think) we, in Australia have witnessed some glorious signs:


Today, I choose to vote YES.

My vote for Yes is not because:

  1. I am a free loving hipster and therefore everyone should have equal rights; or the Government should be modern day Robin Hood and feed the dole bludgers.
  2. I may still have some concerns if my future son or daughter didn’t tick the heterosexual box.
  3. I think everyone should have the right to marry.
  4. The married folks are afforded special rights in the eyes of the law.

“Folks in defacto relationships with their partners are afforded the same right irrespective of sexual preference”.

I have historically voted centre or right centre in Australian politics largely due to economic policies.

Today, I choose to vote YES

A YES vote means that everyone gets their fair share of the good, bad, ugly & grotesque.

The homosexual folks are currently in a defacto relationship in the eyes of the law. Meaning, if they wanted to split 15 something years later, either party could walk out and arrange for a property settlement through their lawyers (if required).

Tomorrow when they legally marry, they too will enjoy the joys of:

  • waiting out the separation period;
  • going to couples therapy (for someone to certify and validate that we’ve actually tried working it out and it wasn’t a quickie marriage); and
  • evidencing separation.

This is a great opportunity to:
• boost our economy (⬆️ 👰🏻👰🏻 = ⬆️ $); and
• share in the joys of divorce.

Glorious via The Daily Post



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