Mighty Lord

This appeared in my fortune cookie:

You are loved beyond your wildest imagining

It’s true, I am incredibly fortunate in every aspect inspite of having recently come out of a marriage I walked out of due to domestic abuse (in every form- financial, physical, verbal you name it).

I thank the mighty Lord for:

– giving my my family;

– giving me the courage I need to wake up every morning;

– the strenght I need to do the basic day to day things as I find my feet again;

– for the body parts which are all still intact and there is no serious damage or broken bones from the marriage;

– helping me apply balm on the invisible scars;

– the momentary silliness and childishness that helps me smile internally;

– helping me see the beauty in the smallest things around me;

– helping me stay safe – away from him.

Via the Daily Post


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