I promised you, I would not call my parents in the future even if I was in danger or to seek clarification of what you claim was said.

When you said we’d be okay if I called my parents and lied to them about what happened and that you were fine, I made it all up – I did that.

I am stunned now that you think it’s in my best interests to forget the incident (let along apologise for it) after everything you have said and done on Sunday (even in the short space of time from when you lied, through to me clearing up the accusation and the lie).

That is forgetting all the things you’ve said, done, the way you behaved, including the reasoning you’ve provided and the lovely options you’ve made available to me last night.

All of the above today seems irrelevant because now all that matters is trying to understand how I can learn to cope with it

Via the Daily Post


5 thoughts on “Irrelevant

  1. if the good behaviour originates from the fear of the parents of the spouse….then it will be transient….which will keep showing its colours…as and when gets a chance….the fault is with the parents of self….who could not teach the very basics of human nature….though knowing the fact that their kid is born human….


    1. It is tough to teach your child of some monstrosity that exists in a human being when: they themselves or their individual parents or those in their community have never faced it or have never come across such a situation or have never imagined it in their wildest dreams of nightmares.
      It may be one thing to teach the child a few things and ensure they grow up to be the best version of themselves so they can tackle whatever they may face on their journey. To make them alert and be aware of everything – there is a lot to teach about human nature and to teach everything is an impossible task that no parent can truly fulfil.


  2. you are right….but then ….we have the schools, the print media, the electronic media…..and above all….the parents….kids get ample time and opportunities to learn and be able to differentiate….what is right and what is wrong…..the moralities….the decency….the respect….and other values…that make human….human….


    1. I agree with all of the above.

      With that said, domestic violence and various forms of abuse have long been known in the community. Classic example – we’ve heard about abuse and respect through schools, education, heck even in Criminal Law 1 and 2 at Law School (talking about me here). Yet it is only recently that we are now hearing adverts about violence against women – only since the Royal Commission and increase in finding to create awareness (even though the stats have always been quite high). All of this stuff is just rising awareness – at best may shed light on the issue.

      Even then, to be aware of, to hear of it happen to someone else, to perhaps (if you are lucky) witness it second hand doesn’t prepare you to recognise it as a victim first hand.

      Unfortunately there is only so much one can prepare for but, this awareness, and resources at hand will help the person emerge and create a better situation for themselves (whenever that is).

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      1. well put up the feelings…the world is changing…so the society and the mindset of people….to be more a social animal require thinking of higher order….and also the adaptation is of prime importance….those who adapt to the changing environment….will survive….others may have to lead a lonely path…or a solitary journey….


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