No Logic

Our phone calls are always riveting with nonsensical shit he says and makes me apologise for. Most of the time I have no freaking clue what we are talking about and why more importantly (ther is no connection).

Once, he said I was manipulative and made me apologise for being manipulative (even thought I had no fucking idea what he was on).

⁃ this was epic because he said he recognised the signs for he was a doctor and saw manipulative people day in day out. He couldn’t give me any examples but for the fact that I make him sound bad.

⁃ I repeated what he said word for word to make sure I heard him correctly .. so you’re upset because I asked if you wanted to spend your birthday with your friends. They are now visiting and yet you don’t think I care?

⁃ I wonder why you fuck head maybe it is because you’re a monster.

⁃ He wanted an apology and if I didn’t apologise, he wasn’t going to talk to me ever again.

⁃ Yet, I was to apologise for something I had not done and he couldn’t explain exactly what was manipulative but for the fact that I simply repeated what he had said.

⁃ Even a fly on the wall will tell you there is no logical start or middle or end or any flow to the conversations but they are purely based on what he feels and comes into his head in that moment.


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