Witty πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š

The prompt was witty.

Unfortunatley, there was nothing witty I could think of. At best most things that run through my head are the sad thoughts and painful memories I prefer to penn on paper or this blog so I can learn to breathe in fessh oxygen instead of dying surrounded by the excess CO2.

The only witty folks I know of are my sister and uncle they just seem to have this uncanny ability to make quick, witty remarks – a true skill.

Decided to find a few images that made me LOL internally.

One for my therapy which is fucking expensive. Never thought I’d be shelling out money for this post the expensive wedding and honeymoon where I paid for things when you conveniently “lost your wallet”. Funny because your father warned me at the airport before we boarded the plane you may lose your wallet, money and possibly didn’t want me to work.

Now that I replay the conversations out loud or tell people, I have to pause at times wondering if that really happened cause it sounds rubbish and times I don’t even know what the fucking argument was about having gone around in circles..

I wish I could confidently say this to your face and not fear the repurcussions..

Strange how he thought he had zero tolerance for bullshit.. probably because I had a high tolerance – until now.

Unfortunately not there yet, counting down the days.. but yes, he does think he is god. He did say nothing I say surprised him for he had thought through all the responses. So why call me or talk to me then?

This one’s just humourous!! πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š so is this ..

Witty via the Daily Post


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