My husband and I according to astrology are perfect for each other. An incredible number of points 32 out of 36 matched which is unheard of.

A number of astrologers have checked this – at least five that I know of (varying ages, backgrounds and experience). To ensure we weren’t given a fake time of birth multiple variations of the times were done.

All the results pointed to “Excellent Match”.

Apparently, we are so perfect for each other that we can understand one another with very little or no communication..

I am not sure if it was coincidence or fate that we meet and get married and everyone was on board (but for one who asked me to take some time and it to rush into it – I didn’t listen).

The way

  1. We met.
  2. The parents got along.
  3. Everything came together with so much synchronicity..
  4. There was only one wedding venue day free in the entire city at a venue – being the date we were getting married.
  5. Everyone came to help with such extreme short notice.

It is truly incredible the pace of events have spoken via the phone towards the end of December, met in Jan and got married in March.

Considering what’s happened since, I am not sure what to make of it because we didn’t elope, it was all perfect via Vedic, everyone was truly happy and we even had folks flow in from various parts of the world to make this happen.

I suppose if it was a happy ending or beginning post the marriage, we’d say oh it was

Just meant to be.. fate

Now, we chalk it up to karma because it cannot be explained for it has rocked the very foundations of the belief we’ve built our lives on.

Coincidence via the Daily Post


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