He is 7 years older than me which is almost half a decade. Everyone thought that he would look after me or at least be a little more mature than me. No one thought that you be more immature than me or someone who was 25 years old or younger.

I never cared about the age difference until well and truly after we separated. I believed that we would be on par at the very least.

After a number of arguments and stuff and you accused me of being not as worldly and all knowing as you; I finally mustered enough courage to remind him I was younger than him. He has conceded at that time that yes I was younger but there are 20 year olds who can match his maturity and have more common sense than I.

Funny, I was always told I was much more mature for my age compared to the majority..

It’s hard to believe I consented to this marriage.

What’s worse is I have this need to want to tell people my story, make sense of it to see that he’s nuts and the separation is not based on one event but multiple things but to even simply talk about it seems like it’s all just insanity.

Believe via the Daily Post


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