I still remember the moments I spent with him.. when he’d tell me I was lying and was blaming his sweet dog.

  • The window blinds became tangled as a result of his dog sticking his nose in them.
  • When he noticed he asked me if I knew how to open and close blinds and if I did they wouldn’t be tangled.
  • I had clearly told him it was the dog and he refused to believe me.
  • He said that in his entire lifetime, he had not witnessed the dog do something like that and therefore it was me.
  • I said, that’s ludicrous because I was at home and saw your dog do it and more importantly I have nothing to gain by blaming your dog.
  • I don’t know what you have to gain but you’re a liar and what’s worse is you’re blaming my dog.

  • This happened 1 week post marriage

There were other times when the dog ate the food left out and he claimed that I binned the food, other instances include the dog sitting on the sofa and he claimed I was lying and the dog would never do that.

  • I think it was two months later when I showed him the dog sitting on the sofa one morning and he says, oh yeah he’s always done that.
  • I was gobsmacked because I showed him the sofa and I complained many a times but he insisted I was making things up. The sheer lack of trust and the ridiculousness of the conversations baffled me.
  • In this instance when I mentioned our previous conversations especially since he can see the dog on the sofa, he says
  • Oh did I say that? I can’t have said that.

  • Anyway what should we eat for breakfast
  • When I said I wanted to continue the conversation, he stated that I was a nag and couldn’t let things go.

The person you were pre marriage to the person you became literally the day after are poles apart. I feel like everything was fake, superficial and there perhaps wasn’t even an ounce of reality or genuineness in your feeling towards me or even the idea of me.

I cannot pinpoint to a genuine moment when you did something for me because you cared for my feelings and it didn’t benefit you in any manner. I racked my brains to think of a moment to share and the Therapist clearly pointed out that

everything about you was superficial, the whole thing was a charade and I need to come to terms with it even if others don’t..

Superficial via the Daily Post


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