It’s tough even trying to explain to someone what happened unless they’re your therapist or have a degree in psychology or they too have suffered emotional abuse. When you tell the truth any sane person wonders if such a human being exists and the entire goddamned thing sounds soo out of this fucking world that I wonder how I lived it in the first place.

Imagine a man was pedantic about the whereabouts of his things in the house. So if his hairbrush that was always in the top drawer of the dresser where he would place it could not be found the next morning – he may be angry, frustrated or even livid (if he has anger management issues). The wife who displaced the hairbrush may be yelled at once, twice or thrice even before she panics and ensures the things are all in their rightful places.

The next day, that man finds the hairbrush in its rightful place and yet screams at his wife calling her incompetent and inept at running the household or doing basic upkeep of the house and it’s because:

  • he saw the hairbrush in its place and it reminded him of yesterday’s incident; or
  • He was worried about being late to work so he takes out all of his anger and agression on the wife because he can’t do that at work.

If the above continues to happen for everything. For instance if a driver on the road misbehaves and he becomes angry – he will come home, find a tiny fault with the wife or

create an issue to take out his agression at her.

All the women out there who can explain it, talk about it and feel no shame or remorse are quite brave in my opinion. It is not easy because no matter how small the abuse, it makes you squirm and feel disgusted or some distaste at that person, humanity and the world.

Brave via the Daily Post


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