I am tired of him asking family members not to share anything with me. I already felt excluded when I got married with the husband asking me not to share or even talk to my own parents or siblings even thought I lived at home.

Now, I receive the same treatment from my own father. Except now things are so blatantly obvious that he doesn’t consider me to be a part of that family anymore. It started with him initially providing money to my sibling saying she was entitled to receive money per custom for she was a virgin and I wasn’t. Okay yes no denying that since I got married. But this, getting annoyed at the fact that I was privy to this conversations of possibly purchasing a car??

I think the entire fucking time I was married, they tired to help and they couldn’t in any shape or form. Now, I am tired of this exclusion bullshit. Part of me feels that I am being punished because of I dunno what.

Just felt like expressing the rant out loud in a blog-random.

I am so angry at myself above all.. so much so that I have no words to express.

Express via the Daily Post


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