He pats my head lovingly and says with a smile:

I don’t want to meet any of your friends. They’ll all be blonde and dumb like you.

He would pay my head in public in front of his friends and basically everywhere and say:

Don’t worry your pretty head.

Other times he would say:

Don’t use your brain because you cannot.

The best one was –

When he would tell me I cannot cook, I need to learn how to make ten minute meals every day.

I cannot cook and freeze things because every moment of my time is his time and it must be accounted for.

When I questioned him about why he didn’t want to share our married status on Facebook now that his parents are comfortable is disclosing the fact that we are married he smiled and said

I have real problems and your problem is making the status change or an announcement on Facebook.

  • Mind you at this point I was introduced as a friend; his friends overseas (which is an overwhelming majority) still thought he was single; and we were married with everyone’s consent quite grandly I might add.

Overtime I expected my feelings and anything to do with me to be completely and utterly insignificant both in his eyes and mine.

Expect via the Daily Post


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